Doctor and Patient

Clinical Design Partners Program 

AEYE Health is seeking PCPs & endocrinologists to join our select program

Clinical Design Partners are a community of clinicians who have partnered with AEYE Health as early adopters to help shape our groundbreaking AI-based retinal screening solution and become the first to experience our revolutionary technology - spots are limited.

Provider Benefits

  • Diagnose retinal diseases

  • Screen patients without a referral

  • Increase your quality measure score

  • Generate a new revenue stream

Patient Benefits

  • Prevent blindness through early detection

  • Receive immediate, accurate results

  • Reduce unnecessary ophthalmologist visits

  • No dilation required

What Do I Get as a Clinical Design Partner?

  • Unlimited use of AI algorithms that provide diagnostic results in 1 minute

  • A handheld retinal camera

  • Seamless integration to existing workflow with onsite training

  • Billing experts to help you get started

  • Access to our Clinical Design Partners network

What’s Expected of a Clinical Design Partner?

  • Feedback about our user interface

  • Feedback about patient experience

  • Convey success in billing / generating income

  • Convey improvements in your quality measure score

Doctor's Desk

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