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AEYE Health is revolutionizing the field of retinal screening.

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

AEYE Health has developed a superior solution with highly accurate results for the detection of retinal conditions to prevent blindness and save lives.

There are over a billion people globally which are at high risk for loss of sight. Even though early detection will prevent blindness and save lives, less than 25% of the high-risk population in the US are screened annually.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology and machine learning (ML) are used by AEYE Health to automatically diagnose sight threatening diseases at primary care and endocrinology clinics. The solution can be layered onto any FDA-cleared fundus camera, including handhelds, thus making retinal screenings more affordable and accessible for patients.

If you or a family member is at high risk for loss of sight, talk to your physician about integrating AEYE Health’s diagnostic system into the clinic, and visit us at

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