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Teleretinal Screening using AI

Revolutionizing Teleretinal Screening Services with fully autonomous AI

Deliver on-the-spot results using AI instead of human readers

AEYE Health’s FDA-cleared AI detects referable diabetic retinopathy autonomously and provides a result within seconds, enabling teleretinal screening services to save costs and deliver on-the-spot results.

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Instant diagnosis, on-the-spot results

Image analysis is performed fully autonomously by the AI; results delivered instantly

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Time and cost


AI analyzes exams in less than
5-seconds and scales on demand to process as many exams as needed

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One image per eye;
real-time quality checks

Image analyzed for quality in real-time and feedback provided to operator to allow a retake when needed


Accurate diagnosis,
every time

93% sensitivity and 91.4% specificity for diagnosing more-than-mild diabetic retinopathy (K221183)

Depicted seampless intergration with report saved on file

Seamless Integration

API integration to send exams and receive results; scalable to process as many exams as needed

How it works

Vector Art of Diagnostic Result Report
A vector image depicting an eye doctor conducting a check-up. The doctor is sitting on a chair  and using a magnifying lens to examine a patient's eye.
Vector Art of AEYE Health Image Analyzed by AI





A single image per eye is obtained using an indicated camera


Images are analyzed by the AI


Diagnostic result returned in under a minute

Autonomous Diagnostic Screening Specialist | AEYE Health

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