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Doctor is inspecting patient eyes using Diagnostic Screening Device - AEYE Health

AEYE for Camera Manufacturers

Transforming Fundus Cameras into Diagnostic Screening Devices

Our AI transforms fundus cameras into diagnostic screening devices for primary care

Vector Icon showing integration and representing simple integration

Simple Integration

Diagnostic screening service accessible via a web application or APIs

Vector Art Icon of Doctor Medical Bag representing expansion of addressable markets.

Expand Addressable Markets

AI enables primary caregivers to screen for retinal diseases

Vector Art of Target Icon representing best in accuracy

Best-in-class accuracy

Breakthrough results for multiple conditions

 Vector Art of AEYE Health Care - An image has two vector hands catching the heart and representing broad screening

Broad Screening

Diagnostic screening for a broad range of diseases

Vector Art of Portable fundus cameras produce Diagnostic Results


Requires one image per eye

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Our AI transformed fundus cameras to diagnostic screening tools

Autonomous Diagnostic Screening Specialist | AEYE Health

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