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Girl is looking at telescope - AEYE Comprehensive Screening (AEYE-CS)

AEYE Comprehensive Screening (AEYE-CS)

AEYE Comprehensive Screening

AI-based diagnostic screening for a broad range of diseases using retinal images
AEYE-CS software in use on a computer presenting the fundus images analyzed with the diagnostic results of 8 indications

CAUTION: Federal (US) law restricts this device to investigational use only.


AEYE Comprehensive Screening utilizes AI technology to diagnose or predict the development of a broad range of diseases from retinal images. Current diseases diagnosed and/or predicted include diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, AMD, diabetes, cataract, diabetic macular edema, cardiovascular disease, occlusion, and hypertension; and the list continues to grow.

The accuracy of disease detection or prediction is backed by studies on large data sets, and supported by rigorous statistical analyses.

The first practical point-of-care diagnostic screening for a wide range of diseases

How it works


A single image per eye is obtained using an indicated camera


Images are analyzed by the AI


Diagnoses are produced in under a minute

Vector art image of Doctor inspecting eyes using a Portable Fundus Camera
Vector Art Image of analysis by the AI
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Benefits of Point-of-Care Comprehensive Screening

Vector Art of Portable fundus cameras produce Diagnostic Results


The first solution to require only 1 image per eye; rarely requires dilation

Victor Art of Clock with Blue Tick for Real Time Diagnosis Time Counter

Real-time diagnosis

Diagnosis in under a minute

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