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Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Using AI

Our DR screening solution enables primary care providers to screen patients in-clinic instead of referring to specialists

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AEYE Diagnostic Screening

AEYE Diagnostic Screening (AEYE-DS) utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to diagnose diabetic retinopathy from retinal images.

First to be proven accurate on both a desktop camera and a portable handheld camera

Topcon NW fundus camera with the AEYE System - AEYE with Topcon NW-400


FDA Cleared Logo
AEYE-DS software in use on a computer presenting the fundus images analyzed with the diabetic retinopathy diagnostic result
AURORA AEYE - An image of the Optomed Aurora handheld fundus camera


CAUTION: Federal (US) law restricts this device to investigational use only.


Vector icon of an eye with a target representing  accuracy

Best-in-class Accuracy

Proven accurate in a prospecitve clinical trial











Vector Images of desktop and a Portable fundus cameras

The Only Practical Solution

The exam takes under 2 minutes for most patients and rarely requires dilation

handheld & desktop

1 Image

Per eye



Vector Art of a Feemale healthcare professional with a reimbursable report representing closing care gaps

Closes Care Gaps

Enables point-of-care screening instead of referring to a specialist

Reimbursement code

CPT 92229

HEDIS Quality Measure

Measure 117

Over 35M

people with diabetes in the US and 422M worldwide are at risk of sight-threatening diabetic retinopathy.


of people over 40 with diabetes will develop diabetic retinopathy.

Why it matters

Screening Prevents Blindness

Accessible and affordable screening for diabetic retinopathy is vital to help ensure patients with diabetes receive sight-saving treatment.

Map of the United States with symbol of 50% and a message stating that 'only 15 to 50% of patients with diabetes in US
Only 15% to 50%

of patients with diabetes in the US adhere to the recommended screening.

Closing care gaps

Replacing specialist screening with AI diagnosis

Using AI technology, primary care physicians can screen for diabetic retinopathy on the spot, replacing specialist referrals and closing the diabetic retinopathy care gap



The first image shows the current diabetic retinopathy screening process where by a patient receives an annual referral for an eye exam and less than 50% adhere to the screening. In the second image the solution is shown where by a patient receives on-the-spot diagnosis during a GP visit and is then either cleared for 12 months due to negative result or referred to a specialist for treatment if the result is positive.
Vector Art of Point of Care Screening Solution Process by AEYE Health. The image has  Male Doctor photo detecting diabetic reinopathy and screening tool

Benefits of
Point-of-Care Screening

Vector Art of hand is positioned beneath the eye vector icon symbolizing care and support and representing practical


Requires only one image per eye; rarely requires dilation

Vector Art of Target Icon representing best in accuracy


Best-in-class efficacy proven in a pivotal prospective FDA study

Vector Art of Male and Female Doctors  standing together representing simple to operate

Simple to operate

Screening, taking only two minutes for most patients, can be done by any healthcare staff

vector icon of reimbursable report


Dedicated CPT code 92229

Vector Art of AEYE Health Care - An image has two vector hands catching the heart representing closes care gaps

Closes Care Gaps

Closes the diabetic eye exam care gap for HEDIS/Star quality measures

Our Mission

Autonomous comprehensive diagnostic screening for a broad range of diseases using retinal images

CAUTION: Federal (US) law restricts this device to investigational use only.


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Sean Ianchulev MD, MPH, CEO at Eyenovia. Professor of Ophthalmology at UCSF & Mt. Sinai Smiling Photo

The time has finally come for autonomous screening technology to exceed the efficacy of the human expert. The implications are that it can be practical for deployment on the front lines of population health – the primary care offices, where over 99% imageability and single image diagnostic acquisition are tantamount to market success

Sean Ianchulev

MD, MPH, CEO at Eyenovia. Professor of Ophthalmology at UCSF & Mt. Sinai

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Autonomous Diagnostic Screening Specialist | AEYE Health

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